Should I Boost Posts On Facebook?

Should I Boost Posts On Facebook? There are many conflicting views when it comes to Boosting posts on Facebook.

Many people say outright that you should never boost a post, I do not think this is strictly true as boosting posts can have some benefit although you need to consider your advertising objectives before doing so.

Boosting Posts On Facebook

When starting out with Facebook advertising many people simply boost post and they are often disappointed when it doesn’t work.

Many of my clients say to me that Facebook advertising simply does not work because of the negative experience they may have had in the past

When you post to your Facebook page,  Facebook will show you a button to boost your post.

This is a quick and easy way for Facebook to gain revenue!


However, depending on the content of the post using this Boost button may not be the best way to use Facebook advertising to push your content.

The last part of the paragraph is key here “push your content”

The Facebook algorithm wants you to boost posts that are content-based – the post you want to boost should not contain links to external pages or even be selling products.

You will enjoy far greater success boosting posts of this nature than those that contain links and are selling products.

If you try to boost posts that contain links or are selling products then this more often than not leads to lack of reach, lack of sales and ultimately a very poor return on your advertising investment.

Whilst some people will undoubtedly disagree with this, I have run some substantial split test on the content with and without links and the results are clear.

So why Boost A Post?

Boosting posts is all about reach, it allows you to push your content to people who you wish to target. This can of course be done through Ads Manager for those who are more experienced but for those who really do not want to be bogged down in all the options that Ads Manager gives you boosting a post is a good start.

Boosting Posts – Have a Plan In Place!

You can really go through money pretty fast when boosting posts so it is vitally important to have a strategy in place. As mentioned before it should be content that you are promoting when boosting a post so you should be considering the following objectives:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing brand engagement (Shares, Comments, Likes)
  • Promoting new content

Targeting Options

Be sure to target effectively when boosting your Facebook post otherwise you really can burn through cash fast!

When boosting a post, Facebook offers the following targeting options:

  • Audience (fans and/or friends of fans)
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest(s)

Choose The Right Post

Sounds obvious but it really does pay to look at your Facebook insights. Head over to the Facebook Insights Tab on your business page and take a look at posts that have performed well organically. If a post has a high ‘engagement rate’ then you may well find that this post performs well when you boost it.

Selling Using Facebook Ads

If you are wishing to sell products or services on Facebook then you really should be using Facebook Ads Manager rather than simply boosting posts. If you are unsure on the right strategy to use or you are unsure how to use Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager then please drop me a line and book in a free 20 minute strategy call.

Boosting Facebook Posts – Conclusion

Boosting a post may seem straightforward, click the boost button and you are away.

In reality there is far more to consider than this. To protect your budget you will want to avoid irrelevant clicks and visitors so you need to understand who you are targeting you, what your goals are, and why your audience should care about the post.

For marketing advice then please book a free 20 minute strategy session.


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