How Do I Get More Leads Through LinkedIn

How Do I Get More Leads Through LinkedIn?

The question how do I get more leads through LinkedIn is one I hear over and over again in the networking groups I attend both online and offline.

Everyone seems to be on LinkedIn nowadays, including you of course! So how do you stand above the crowd and make yourself heard amongst the noise?

According to LinkedIn:

  • There are now 500 million business professionals on their network
  • 100 million of those users are active daily
  • 40 million users are in decision-making roles

So as you can see you really need to work on your LinkedIn strategy to stand out.

Here are some quick tips that I cover in more detail in my Getting More Leads Through LinkedIn Course.

Building Awareness

This is where we need to think about our goals, that is what do we want to achieve with our LinkedIn Profile?

Like in any business you need to have identified your target audience otherwise your LinkedIn lead generation efforts will lead to nothing, like the rest of your marketing!

Optimise Your Profile

This is the biggest issue that I find with many of my clients. Their LinkedIn profile simply isn’t optimised to appeal to their prospective clients.

  • Ditch that photo that is also on Facebook! This is a professional space so get a professional photograph!
  • Make sure you have the correct keywords in your LinkedIn headline that your potential customers are looking for
  • Repeat this in your ‘about section’. Here you have more characters to play with and make them count. This is the digital version of your elevator pitch that you would use at physical networking events.

Add Connections To Your Network

Just like physical networking where you meet and gain connections LinkedIn is no different. You will need to reach out and build connection on LinkedIn, remember though to target people who are in the niche (and in your own industry) that you want to target.

Try to keep these connections to ‘mutual connections’ that is if a current connection knows them. Don’t go gun ho’ and connect with everyone.

A good place to start building connections is the ‘people who have viewed my profile’ area within LinkedIn.

Again I cover this in far more detail in my Getting More Leads Through LinkedIn Course.

Get Recommendations

Reach out to people who you have done business with in the past. This could be in previous jobs or if you are running a business your past and present customers.

LinkedIn really awards people who have plenty of recommendations on their profile by showing you higher in the search results.

Remember this is a two way road though, you should also give your own recommendations to people you have worked with as well.

Building LinkedIn Relationships

The whole point of LinkedIn will be to eventually to move the conversation off LinkedIn and into a physical meeting or a phone call (or online call!).

To do this you will need to nurture your relationships. Not all of your connection requests will be accepted but for those who do it is time to nurture that relationship!

Pick common areas on interest up from their profile when you message them.

I have a full set of connection templates that you can use to nurture your relationship in my Getting More Leads Through LinkedIn Course.

Content Is King!

Post updates to your LinkedIn network daily, share valuable information to your network that will help you to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Also use LinkedIn Pulse to post articles that your network will find useful.

Each time you post an update it is displayed on the feed of your connections.

Remember here to post mostly value. Of course a few promotional posts are fine but concentrate on your value added posts and you will go a long way.

My blog post – What is Content Marketing? will give you some great pointers to develop your strategy.

Good Luck In Your LinkedIn Lead Generation!

Take 20 minutes to 30 minutes out of your day, each and every day to work on your LinkedIn Lead Generation. You will soon see your efforts paying dividends.

Finally my Getting More Leads Through LinkedIn Course digs into more detail and will walk you through optimising your profile as well as how to run detailed searches and connection templates. At only $7 it is super value to get those LinkedIn Leads flowing.

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