8 Top Tips To Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out

I must admit I hate writing bio’s for social media accounts. It is the art of a good copywriter to get so many points condensed down to 150 characters and your bio will be the very first thing a new follower will come across. So here are my 8 Top Tips To Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out.

In the days of limited attention spans, grabbing the attention of a potential follower is crucial and some of the hints and tips below will hopefully help you to turn visitors into followers or even customers.

  1. Your Profile Picture


This is an area that so many people overlook. Very much like LinkedIn this is a key image that you should take some time over and it should clearly show you or your brands logo.

My Instagram profile photo above is the same as my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile images, p.s feel free to follow me on all the platforms!

  1. Change Your Bio font

The-Nicect-Guys-In-Marketing- Instagram Profile

This can really make your profile stand out from the crowd but it isn’t immediately obvious how it can be done.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to do it on the platform directly but there are a number of websites that will allow you to copy and paste your text in. IGFonts is one and LingoJam Font Changer is another. Simply paste your bio copy into these tools and they will give you a number of different font styles which you can copy and paste back into your IG profile.

As you can see from The Nicest Guys In Marketing profile the use of a different font can really help the profile pop out at a visitor.


Be careful here, test the output that is created, often these fonts may give some funny outputs and any hashtags (See Below) or links may be malformed.

  1. You MUST Mention Your Skills

If you are using your Instagram account to push your business then you should always mention your skills in your Bio. This is ideal real estate to tell the world what you do and how you can help them solve their problems.

If your Instagram account is professional treat the bio like it is your Linkedin Profile!

  1. Use Parallel Bars To Separate Skills Or Sentences

This is an excellent way to draw attention to your profile. It also gives your bio a much cleaner look and allows any potential followers to scan your profile quickly. After all, attention spans are not great when people are browsing!


  1. Use #Hashtags In Your Bio

Like my bio above the use of #Hashtags is a really useful tool to allow people to discover content. You can even create your very own #Hashtag as well which is what we have done for #TheNicestGuysInMarketing

  1. Research Your Keywords

Like all SEO choosing the right keywords is essential to being found. The right keywords for your industry will see you appearing higher in results pages of search engines and drive more followers your way.

  1. Use emojis

Whilst not only adding a bit of fun to your bio the use of emojis can help to direct people to take a Call To Action (CTA).

The-Nicect-Guys-In-Marketing- Instagram Profile

Looking at the bio from The Nicest Guys In Marketing profile you can see the emoji is placed to draw peoples eyes down to the website link.

Emojis are not just for a young audience, use them wisely!

  1. Include A Call To Action

This is often an area that people leave out and given the 150 character limit it is more than understandable.


You can see from my bio I have simply said “Say Hello” this is enough and provides a friendly voice amongst the corporate part of my bio.

Creating That Perfect Instagram Profile

If you are new to the Instagram community or a veteran I hope these few really simple hints and tricks will be of use to you. If you use your Instagram profile for your business then I hope these top tips will go a long way to helping you to get more exposure.

Need help with your marketing and sales? Why not head over to The Nicest Guys In Marketing Facebook Group for all the help and guidance you will need to grow your business.

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