About Robert Dicks – Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Consultant

Hi, I’m Robert Dicks,

 Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Consultant


Robert Dicks – Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Consultant

I’ll be honest. So many marketing campaigns I am asked to work on have been bottomless money pits WITH NO direction. They are either NOT pulling in the leads needed OR the leads are NOT the type of people who you want to work with

sound familiar?


Hang On, What About You? Can You Fix My Problem?

OK this page is meant to be about me, that is one of my problems you see. I am always wanting to help people.

One of my passions is to help business owners who want to turbo boost their online presence. I love helping people to realise their dreams by increasing the profitability of their online business or build the elusive passive income that people dream about.

Through my sort after consultancy service I help entrepreneurs and businesses large and small to build highly effective sales funnels using multiple online channels.

So, you have read this far, and I am sure you are eager to know more about me!

Well it all started in a pub… Not drinking but working full time and very long hours. I know what hard work is and I appreciate how many hours you have put into your business. The greatest skill I gained from all those hours in the pub game was that I learnt to listen, and to deal with many different personalities.

After four years in the pub game I went off to study Geography at Bournemouth University where I spent four wonderful years living, studying and working by the beach.

So, what on earth has studying Geography got to do with solving my marketing problem I hear you ask? And you would be right to ask as well.

A large part of my degree was learning about and working on Geographical Information (GIS) projects.

Robert Dicks -  Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Consultant

From University I went on to work with Welsh Water in 2003 mapping their pipelines and pushing them onto the web, this is where I learnt to develop websites which I continued with a new role at Cardiff Council.

By 2007 I had moved to the University of Glamorgan maintaining the website in the marketing team. This morphed from website maintenance to running a few digital marketing campaigns and on to running most of the digital marketing for the university which became the University of South Wales.

I founded Forte Web Solutions whilst still at the University in 2012 with a colleague as we were being asked by a number of people if we could create websites for them.

By 2016 the business had grown enough for me to leave the university and concentrate full time with Forte Web Solutions.

And here we are, I re-branded Forte Web Solutions to Forte Digital Marketing in 2019 simply because of the direction that the market took.


More recently it is clear that the market is looking for an all in one solutions for their marketing needs, a system that can generate, track and nurture leads whilst the whole organisation can see where a customer is on the customer journey.

Gwilym Cox, Founder of Joy Creative

“A client of ours was looking to further push the sales and marketing of their business. The especially were looking to explore how to maximise the revenue they could generate by marketing online. I put them in touch with Robert to assist in this. He took them through a thorough and comprehensive consultation that allowed him to create a sales funnel and online marketing strategy that would allow them to, not just generate leads, but cultivate them through automated processes that led them to being successfully converted into sales. My client was delighted with the process and even happier with their R.O.I. I would highly recommend Robert and Forte Digital Marketing for any online marketing needs”

This is how I work with my clients. As Gwil points out I help individuals and companies plan and implement their whole digital marketing strategy with plenty of remarkable results.

Now that is enough about me, what can I do for you?

Maybe you are paying over the odds for a number of systems sticking them together with duct-tape so they can talk to each other. A free, limited CRM that feeds a platform such as Mailchimp through Zapier. Then scheduling software such as Acuity Scheduling or Calendly that has trouble talking to the CRM and back to Mailchimp. Your sales team do not know where leads are, where they are coming from or who has spoken to them. These are common problems that I come across day in day out.

Maybe you need someone just to look over your marketing plan for some guidance, maybe you need someone like me to work alongside your marketing team or even to build your whole marketing strategy for you?

How Will I Help You?

Marketing Flow

My Marketing Flow CRM Is Everything Your Business Needs To Succeed In The Digital Age.

All the tools you need in one platform without having to “duct-tape” multiple platforms together!

Stop WASTING MONEY on Multiple Systems

Website Leads +

How Are You Capturing Leads For Your Business?

Does your website do a good job in capturing leads? Do you know what people have been doing on your website?

Do you ask for Google Reviews to BOOST YOUR SEO?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Maybe you just need some direction and guidance with your current strategy, or you are starting from scratch Either way you need it to work and failure isn’t an option.

Let’s have a chat, look at your plans and get things moving.

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